Rules of the Studio


All sessions will require your own photographer.


When booking your session please note that your time INCLUDES set up and take down. If you are running behind or come early please text or call us and we will add the time to your session when available. If time is unavailable please be on time. If you go over your time you will receive an invoice for the additional time used. 


Please make sure to clean up on your way out. This includes any trash, hangers, clothing tags, etc. We provide a vacumn and swiffer for your convenience! If any of the fabric backdrops get dirty please notify us so we can clean them immediately. If something is damaged upon your arrival please notify us immediately. We would hate for you to be blamed and have to pay for something someone else has done. If the studio is a mess beyond normal use, including glitter or other photo props. Please notify us. We will check the cameras and the person(s) who left it that way will be charged a $40 cleaning fee. Glitter and confetti are welcomed but we do charge $25 as an add on for you to have it in the studio. We recognize that you can't get it all. No one ever does so we need to have ample time to come and deep clean for future sessions.


Nails and tape are prohibited to be used. Command strips and painters tape are ok as long as no damage is done to the walls or paint (please test a small area first). Please make sure it is removed and all residue is wiped away. If there is any damage to the walls, floors, furniture, plants or any other item provided by the studio the booking party will be responsible for the cost of the repairs or replacement. 


Please do not light the candles or any flames.


If you have a cancellation we will reschedule with a 48 hour notice for 2 hours or less. If you have booked anything more than 2 hours a 72 hour notice will be required. Refunds are not available. 


You are welcome to use anything in the studio and rearrange as needed. Please pick the furniture up and do not drag it across the floor. The foam props have foam protectors on the bottom! They can be pushed around the studio! BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THEM! 


When leaving please make sure that the key is put back in the key box and it is locked!   


When booking you must use the space for the intended use. 


We do welcome pets in the studio BUT it is your sole responsibility to clean up after them. All hair must be removed at the end of your session and floors must be cleaned. If your pet sheds or is not hypoallergenic they are not allowed on the furniture. If these rules are failed to be followed a  $100 cleaning fee will be charged! If there are any "accidents" left behind you will be charged $200.